ManufactureCT, (formerly New Haven Manufacturers Association) was founded 1913.

Our members gather regularly on zoom or in-person meetings and events.  These meetings include short presentations from business, educational or government leaders. Other meeting formats include networking meetings, company tours and “round table” issue discussions.

Over the years, our meetings have led to many positive developments for both the members’ companies and their individual representatives. Our unique forum of community and business leaders focused on manufacturing in the region is unavailable through any other organization.

Our membership consists of both manufacturing and non-manufacturing members. Non-manufacturing members function as advisors to the manufacturing members where a “non-selling” approach is encouraged by the organization and accepted by the members. Our diverse membership includes firms in fields such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, instrumentation, information systems, consulting, metalworking, gas and electric utilities, banking, insurance, education, and more.

Although our members currently employ over 12,000 people, it is vital that the manufacturing community to continue to build a stronger identity by attracting more manufacturers to join our Association. The low cost of membership combined with the targeted high-value services provided, make membership in the Association a must for any area manufacturer that is serious about growing his or her business.

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