ManufactureCT – Our Strategic Manifesto

As an organization established in 1913, we recognize that manufacturing is a vital yet under-represented sector in Connecticut and that manufacturers statewide all face similar challenges. To strengthen our members and raise their collective profile, ManufactureCT will:

  • Welcome and embrace diverse faces and voices from around the state
  • Update the public with positive perceptions of manufacturing
  • Be a vocal and reliable champion for all that the sector has to offer

We will do this by incorporating these value-driven practices into our operations as follows:

  • Collaborating across “silos”
  • Amplifying manufacturers’ success stories
  • Engaging students in learning about manufacturing as early as possible
  • Demonstrating technological integration in the sector
  • Including and nurturing new/young leaders
  • Building members’ opportunities to network, learn from each other and form local supply chains

Our programs will balance (and continue to rebalance) the following professional services:

  • Networking Events
  • Learning/Sharing Best Practices
  • Research & Information
  • Advocacy & Outreach

We will know we are sustainably successful when:

  • Manufacturers comprise 70% of ManufactureCT’s total members.
  • Programs are helping manufacturers do their jobs well and address pain points
  • Business partners provide value through professional expertise and sponsorship.
  • Robust campaigns attract new followers and enlarge the pool of prospective members.
  • Positive press about manufacturing in Connecticut cites ManufactureCT and its leaders, both established and emerging.
  • Morale statewide gets a boost as we facilitate steady collective input and mutual support among manufacturers.

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