Founded in 1913, ManufactureCT, (formerly New Haven Manufacturers Association) is among the longest-running industry groups to serve manufacturers in the United States.

In 2019, ManufactureCT celebrated entry into its second century by officially becoming a statewide forum for community and business leaders focused on sharing perspectives from inside manufacturing facilities to build collective strength for the sector.

Over the years, we have cheered on member companies as they have achieved significant milestones, including induction into the American Manufacturers Hall of Fame. All the while, involvement in our programs has helped their individual representatives develop professionally.

Members are mostly manufacturers with advanced manufacturing capabilities. Our directory spans firms that make precision instruments for medical and aerospace industries, security devices for information systems, specialty chemicals, fixtures in metals, plastics, and other materials using a range of technologies and processes from 3D printing to traditional stamping and machine tooling, and more. Some have been operating as family businesses for several generations, others are larger, multinational corporations.

Non-manufacturing members add value to the manufacturing sector, agreeing to follow our “non-selling” approach. Together, we comprise a convening, advocacy and information-sharing network unavailable anywhere else, with a significant collective impact on the state’s economy.


Our Vision:

ManufactureCT will be a catalyst and collaborator for an effective and thriving manufacturing economy in the state of Connecticut.

Our Mission:

ManufactureCT informs, advocates, educates, and collaborates to support its members and their communities.

2020-21 Strategic Manifesto

Because manufacturing is a vital yet under-represented sector in Connecticut and because manufacturers statewide all face similar challenges, we exist to be a gateway to their success and fulfillment.

To strengthen our members and raise their collective profile, ManufactureCT will:

  • Welcome and embrace diverse faces and voices from around the state

  • Update the public with positive perceptions of manufacturing

  • Be a vocal and reliable champion for all that the sector has to offer

We will do this by incorporating these value-driven practices into our operations as follows:

  • Collaborating across “silos”
  • Amplifying manufacturers’ success stories
  • Engaging students in learning about manufacturing as early as possible
  • Demonstrating technological integration in the sector
  • Including and nurturing new/young leaders
  • Building members’ opportunities to network, learn from each other and form local supply chains

Our programs will balance (and continue to rebalance) the following professional services:

  • Networking Events
  • Learning/Sharing Best Practices
  • Research & Information
  • Advocacy & Outreach

We will know we are sustainably successful when:

  • Manufacturers comprise 70% of ManufactureCT’s total members.
  • Programs are helping manufacturers do their jobs well and address pain points
  • Business partners provide value through professional expertise and sponsorship.
  • Robust campaigns attract new followers and enlarge the pool of prospective members.
  • Positive press about manufacturing in Connecticut cites ManufactureCT and its leaders, both established and emerging.
  • Morale statewide gets a boost as we facilitate steady collective input and mutual support among manufacturers.

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