Our committee chairs and members volunteer their time to do important work behind the scenes at ManufactureCT.

Workforce Enhancement Committee

Chair: Marcia LaFamina, Penn Globe
Vice-chair: Michael Rocheleau, PTA Corporation

The ManufactureCT Workforce Development Committee works with Connecticut’s educational community including Middle School, Comprehensive and Technical High Schools, and post-Secondary education. Additionally, communicates the workforce and educational needs of CT Manufacturers to Federal, State, and Local political representatives working with ManufactureCT Government Affairs Committee to ensure that our members have a skilled, focused, talented and reliable workforce.

Government Affairs Committee

Jim Gildea, Bigelow Tea
Vice-chair: Marcy Minnick, Excello Tool

The Government Affairs Committee works on local, state and federal issues. Connecticut and its Manufacturing community continue to face numerous challenges in our state, our nation and around the globe. Connecticut manufacturers are adapting to these changing and trying times and our manufacturers are competing in markets around the world. In order for our manufacturers to continue to stay not only viable but to grow, as a state we must encourage and support that growth.

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Membership Committee

Chair: Bill Mahoney, SURYS Inc.
Vice-chair: Marcy Minnick, Excello Tool

The Membership Committee is responsible for retaining existing members and attracting new members by active recruitment strategies. The Committee plays a meaningful role to support the visibly of ManufactureCT and engagement of members to strengthen the membership base that will continue to support, participate and invest in the association.

Program Committee

Chair: Brandon McFarlane, The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.
Vice-chair: Peter Hoffman, Orange Research

The Program Committee is responsible for developing, scheduling and coordinating planned events and programs throughout the year. These programs will include ManufactureCT meetings, networking opportunities, educational tours, workshops, and presentations on best practices, methods, technologies, and topics of interest to the ManufactureCT manufacturing membership as well as co-promotion with other industry partners and collaborators when necessary.

Our goal is to bring to our members context that is always geared around manufacturing and important issues that will help them thrive in a challenging manufacturing environment. Upcoming Programs are listed on our website, distributed though our weekly email newsletter and posted on our social media sites.

Finance Committee

Chair: Kristin Moreira, Bead Industries

The Finance Committee provides financial analysis, advice, and oversight of the organization’s budget. Their sole responsibility is to ensure the organization is operating with the financial resources it needs to provide valuable programs and services to its members.

To get involved with any of our committees please contact us directly at admin@manufacturect.org.

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