ManufactureCT NextGen (formerly Young Manufacturing Professionals)

Open to upcoming manufacturing professionals in all roles within member manufacturing companies

Are you a manufacturing professional looking to network with other rising manufacturers? This group is focused on best practice sharing and building a sense of community for upcoming manufacturing professionals – a far cry from the all too familiar suit-wearing, stodgy, stale environments we often find ourselves in. This cohort is an influential voice and focus group as ManufactureCT interacts with policy-makers to support the development of future manufacturing leadership.

To join, simply complete the sign-up form to ensure that you meet the qualifications so that we can ensure a high level of identification in the group. ManufactureCT NexrGen peer group meets online, in person, and outside for social events. There is no access fee.

Meet the Manufacturers Podcast

On this special episode of Meet the Manufacturers, I am speaking with Kristen Gunther (George Schmitt) and Shane Sullivan (Allnex) about the ManufactureCT NextGen (formerly YMP).

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