On this episode, I speak with Jamie Lissette (COO) and Christopher Kallam (DOO) from the Athletic Brewing Company with facilities in Stratford and Milford in Connecticut and in San Diego, CA.

Join us for a fascinating insight into when business meets beer. Non alcoholic beer that you really want to drink!



On this episode, I speak with Bill Mahoney (CEO) and George Houston (Director of Product Development and Quality) from Surys.

Surys has almost three decades of experience in holographic sciences.

In this podcast, we talk about the different Surys Group divisions, the challenges they face, the successes they have achieved, and their employee culture in Trumbull, Connecticut.



On this episode, I speak with Paul Lavoie, the Chief Manufacturing Officer for the state of Connecticut.

Lavoie has extensive experience in the manufacturing sector and was previously manager of Carey Manufacturing in Cromwell. Lavoie oversaw the sales, marketing, production, quality, engineering, financial, and human resource teams in this position. In recent years, Carey Manufacturing has gained attention for successfully reshoring manufacturing jobs to Connecticut from China.

In this podcast, we talk about his exciting new role and get his insight on manufacturing in Connecticut and what the future holds.


On this episode, I speak with Chris Nowell the VP of Operations for the Tomz Corporation based in Berlin, Connecticut.

Tomz is an industry-leading manufacturer of life-changing devices and implants, that was established in 1988.



On this episode, I speak with Alison Carey, the Director of Quality and External Relations, and Cierra Green the Business Development Manager from Carey's Manufacturing based in Cromwell, Connecticut.

Established in 1981, Carey's Manufactures over 70,000 product lines of catches, latches, handles, and case hardware. Join us as we find out the real meaning of being a COO and more about their impressive reshoring efforts.



On this episode, I speak with JR Logan the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Make Haven.

Make Haven is a community Makerspace and Fab Lab based in downtown New Haven Connecticut.



On this episode, I speak with Ted Fisher the Director of Business Development at Advance CT.

Advance CT is a private. nonprofit economic development corporation that drives job creation and new capital investment in Connecticut.

Join me as we talk about the huge benefits of doing business in Connecticut and the exciting future it offers.



On this special episode of Meet the Manufacturers, I am speaking with Kristen Gunther (George Schmitt) and Shane Sullivan (Allnex) about the Young Manufacturing Professionals (YMP).

Join me on this special episode of Meet the Manufacturers as we take a deeper dive into the future of manufacturing in Connecticut.



On this episode, I speak with Mark Auletta the COO, and Javier Melecio the Technical Product Manager of Bauer based in Bristol, Connecticut.

Bauer started out as an electrical contracting firm in the early 1900's and over the years they have transitioned into a world leading aircraft component test equipment company. Join me on this episode of Meet the Manufacturers as we take a deeper dive into the world of Bauer.



On this episode, I speak with Nicole Russo the Owner, President, and CEO of Microboard, and Bob Narciso the Executive VP of Operations. Based in Seymour, Connecticut, Microboard was founded in 1983 and the company is dedicated to focusing on live-saving, life-changing products. Join me as we take a dive into their work.